Scott Pilgrim and Alpha & Omega 3D Motion Posters Abandon Flash as Animated GIFs

Forget HTML5. It seems that some think animated GIFs are the way to work around flash. Ignition and Virtual Images have released two new 3D motion posters for Scott Pilgrim and Alpha & Omega as approximately 5MB animated GIFs. Although this does enable iPad users and flash haters to view the posters, the load times are horrendous. With a 5MB file size, viewers may be left wondering “Is this it?” once the poster fully loads. If file size could be cut down without ruining the quality, this could be a viable alternative to flash and it would be great to see.Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Poster

Check out the Alpha and Omega poster at IMP Awards

Motion Posters:

Scott Pilgrim 3D Motion Poster

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