Marco Brambilla and Kanye West Deliver Living Art in Place of Music Video

Kanye West's Power

Multimedia artist Marco Brambilla and Kanye West just released this “living” painting in lieu of  a music video on MTV. Inspired by Roman and Renaissance iconography, Marco and Kanye wanted to create what Brambilla called “an elliptical piece of storytelling” that portrays Kanye as an “authority figure in a moment when everything is about to collapse.”

No stranger to abstract video art, Brambilla is known for his numerous video installations including Civilization- an in-elevator  video installation created for New York’s Standard hotel, which takes passengers on an inferno-like journey from heaven to hell… Intense. And a must see.

Kanye originally approached Brambilla stating that he wanted to create something that wasn’t a music video, to which the artist replied “That’s great, because I don’t make music videos.” Power was shot using twenty-two choreographed layers of video in slow motion using the Phantom camera. Below is Marco’s version, Kanye’s Version, and a behind the scenes.

via Cool Hunting and Vulture

Marco’s Director’s Cut:

Kanye’s Cut:

Behind the Scenes:

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